Complete Page Composition and Art Rendering

Fast, affordable, and efficient, our textbook composition will pass any preflight test you can throw our way. From a single booklet to a multi-volume textbook series or an online delivery system, our team is ready to handle all of your production needs.

We are the experts in:

  • InDesign
  • Infographics and Illustrations
  • Preflighting
  • PDF outputting
  • XML and XHTML tagging
  • File archiving


We have also created thousands of pieces of art for major textbook programs—for every grade level and every discipline. Whether you are looking for stylistic renderings, informational graphics, scientific illustrations, or animation, our illustrators will deliver the right touch.

We know how to keep a streamlined workflow, all geared toward achieving the consistency and efficiency that complex educational programs demand.

Have an upcoming assignment? Contact us today to get started.

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