Showcasing Expertise

(29 june 2018)

Continuum is associated with some of the leading French and Spanish content providers to produce about 6,500 pages daily within a two-to-four hour window from file receipt. The output package comprises customized article-level XML with page-level metadata.

Relentless Digital Momentum in media monitoring service

(29 june 2018)

Continuum has made significant upgrades to ContinuumX, the company’s robust, agile, and seamless workflow solution, specifically targeted at the newspaper and magazine segment. This is an all-in-one solution producing, NDNP-based METS/ALTO files, various ePub formats, Replica Map file format and NITF based XML formats. The issuance, pagination, and article-level metadata is automatically identified by the system itself. Automatic file validation tools have also been added for several projects to allow the team to automate QA tasks.

A Quick Check on Metadata

(29 june 2018)

Metadata can be harvested in a variety of standard formats, such as Dublin Core, NISO, PREMIS, RDA, XMP, MPEG-7, IPTC, EXIF, and many more. But the creation and management of metadata is a challenge because while libraries and indexers usually create the metadata, sometimes non-specialist users are also generating them, and this makes standardization difficult.

Next Steps Toward Digital Accessibility

(29 june 2018)

We converted 8,000 to 9,000 pages within three hours of receipt, and the content was produced in alternative formats for people with special needs. Creation of accessible PDFs for magazines from print PDFs, was further challenged by the presence of tabular data on the pages. The reading order assignment is critical for accessibility, and all tables must be formatted properly.

Tracking the Shifts in the Newspaper and Magazine Industry

( 30 june 2017)

In developed nations, print newspapers are under siege with fairly steep decline in circulation. But in the developing world—Latin America, India, and Asia (especially China), for instance—print newspapers are thriving with strong print circulation growth. However, this will change in the coming years. The whole world will move into a digital environment, and digital transformation of print newspaper and news information is a bigger reality today than it has ever been.

Continuum is Gearing up for the Shifts and Twists in the Digital Content Industry

( 30 june 2017)

Specializing in newspapers and magazines has differentiated Continuum Content Solutions from other digital providers in the market. ContinuumX—its robust, agile, and seamless solution—and the team is busy collaborating with aggregators of newspapers and magazines around the globe.

ContinuumX seamlessly imports documents, and provides easy click-and-structure content extraction—according to headline, preamble, images, and body text, for instance—by selecting the auto generated boxes in the desired reading order.

Empowering (Renewed) Digital Initiatives

( 30 june 2017)

Digitization has certainly changed the ways in which products and services are produced, marketed, and consumed. And nowhere is this more profound than in the media industries. “Consumers now expect to find information about past and current events, genealogy, and entertainment, for instance, on the internet,” says Amit Vohra, CEO of Continuum Content Solutions. “For us, optical character recognition analysis of scanned images and the addition of metadata to digitized files are the two biggest aspects that affected our business. Aggregators, for instance, have been developing contextual search-based databases for subject-specific researchers and helping students and researchers connect the dots between the present and past.”

Innovating, Monetizing, and Protecting Content

( 30 june 2017)

Digital rights management is something that is working great for publishers, adds Vohra, of Continuum Content Solutions. “DRM imposes some technological restrictions that control what users can do with the digital media,” Vohra says. “For instance, a song can be listened to, but not copied or shared; an e-book can be viewed only on a specific device; a single-player game can only be played with authorized internet access; or an email that cannot be forwarded. In other words, DRM creates a ‘defective’ product, which completely satisfies the copyright protection needs.”

Complex Projects Uncovered

( 30 june 2017)

A hard to handle magazine digitization project has arrived at Continuum. It involves creating article level METS ALTO XML for magazine issues dated from the 17th and 18thcenturies. These are hardcopy issues that were in fragile conditions with warped pages—making them extremely sensitive to handling.

Unfolding the Next Chapter in Digital Content Proposition

(29 april 2016)

Continuum, a 14 month old company has developed a robust, agile, and seamless digital solution, called ContinuumX. It accepts input file formats such as InDesign and PDFs, and converts them into Digital Replica files such as RePub, PRISM XML, and NITF XML that are compatible with leading e-newsstands. Its clients have experienced an average of 25% reduction in costs while maintaining high quality levels…

A Multitude of Outstanding Projects

(2 may 2016)

Continuum has partnered with a leading governmental agency in an initiative toward ensuring that all persons with reading impairments can access literature and daily newspapers through media appropriate to them.  A Web-based application platform was created to distribute and provide access to more than 150 newspapers for people with visual impairments.